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DogLeggs' BuddyBags offer an economical method of thermal & cryotherapy for your patients. BuddyBags are a safe & effective method to provide heat with no risk of burns associated with electrical & water heating pads nor does it draw heat away from the body as it cools. It is perfect to restore heat to the surgical or critical patients as well as warming muscles & joints for your rehabilitation therapy patients. If cryotherapy is needed following surgery or rehabilitation therapy or to reduce swelling following trauma, the BuddyBag can help. It conforms to the body part to which it is applied & the heat or cold is long lasting. They also work great on the veterinarian & technician after a long day at work! It accomplishes this with a rice core, which can be reheated & refilled as needed. For thermal therapy, simply heat the rice core in the microwave. For cryotherapy, place the rice core in the freezer. The outer cover is made of soft Polartec® and both the cover & liner are washable m
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