DogLeggs® Standard Carpal Support *

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Indications for use include:
  • Carpal hyperextension
  • Carpal instability/sprain or strain injury
  • Carpal osteoarthritis
  • Immune-mediate joint disease
  • Post-operative management of carpal arthrodesis or avulsion fractures
Area of Coverage: From top of paw to above the carpal joint - the height of the support is double the measure from the top of paw to mid-carpal joint Carpal support can be challenging. Proper fit and function relies on a product that will consider the barrel shape and the bony prominences of the carpus. The DogLeggs Carpal Support is not just a simple cylinder; it is barrel shaped, like the carpus. It is made to the specific measurements of the patient and the material conforms to the limb, which allows for an intimate fit. Its unique shape, intimate fit and the material’s conforming properties provide even pressure and support from top to bottom, reducing risk of rub sores. The DogLeggs carpal support provi
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