Package Quantity: 25/Pkg Brand: Duo Spore
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Duo-Spore® is a dual-species indicator used for directly monitoring the efficacy of sterilization processes. It consists of a chromatography paper strip impregnated with bacterial spores of Geobacillus stearothermophilus (highly resistant to moist heat and chemical vapor) and Bacillus atrophaeus (highly resistant to ethylene oxide gas and dry heat).

  • Tested and certified viability within the official out-dating period
  • D-values and Survival/Kill performance data supplied with each unit are in compliance with U.S. Pharmacopeia requirements
  • Universal: same indicator can be used for monitoring different sterilization process: gravity displacement and prevacuum stem, EO gas or dry heat sterilization
  • Incubation time: 48 hours
  • Convenient: the test envelope has preprinted instructions and report form
  • One envelope contains two test strips and one control strip in two color-separated pouches

Package Quantity: 25/Pkg Lid Type: No Lid Product Type: Biological Indicator Brand: Duo Spore Application: Medical For Use With: Monitoring Sterilization Procedures