Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Volume: 425 Liter
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  • E oxygen tank with Yoke head – will hold up to 425 liters when full
  • Clic style regulator for E Yoke head, 0-15 L/min dial
  • Lightweight wrench for opening/closing oxygen tank regulator
  • Transport cart with 2 wheels that can go anywhere in the clinic
  • Clear oxygen tubing 7' L (4 pkg) with a female DISS fitting
  • Oxygen catheter 14 Fr x 16" delivers oxygen by nasal insertion or “blowby”
  • Connectors: allow connection to standard anesthesia masks

Volume: 425 Liter Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Concentration Range: 0-15 LPM Oxygen Catheter: Y Tubing Length: 7' French Size: 14 fr