Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Material: Stainless Steel
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Merit Kelly Hemostatic Forceps, Sklar®. Serrated, Stainless Steel. Merit™ Kelly Hemostatic Forceps are primarily used for clamping large blood vessels or manipulating heavy tissue. They may also be used for soft tissue dissection. They are available curved or straight with a ratcheted finger ring handle. The jaws of Kelly Forceps are 1/3 the length of the shanks and serrations are 1/2 the length of the jaws. Merit™ instruments are Sklar’s mid-grade line of products and most commonly utilized for routine and in-office minor procedures. This product has serrated jaws and a length of 5-1/2 inches.

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Jaws: Y Serrated: Y Material: Stainless Steel Overall Length: 5-1/2"