Size: Medium/Large Brand: JorVet Material: Titanium
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Pure titanium annealed to a malleable consistency providing maximum vessel occlusion and zero memory to prevent tip opening after application. Biologically inert, radiolucent and non-magnetic for use with MRI or related scanning equipment.

  • Chevron shape provides progressive and encompassing tip-to-tip
  • closure before complete and secure occlusion of tissue or vessel
  • Diamond-shaped grooving and interlocking atraumatic teeth design of the clip ensures en- hanced security in vessel closure. Striation is composed of small pyramidal heads, similar to tungsten inserts from needle-holders, insuring a firm, multi-directional, non-hurting vessel grip. Triangular-shaped wire fits perfectly into the custom grooves of our applicators to provide mechanical power during application of the clip
  • Specially designed surface treatment and annealing provide a secure atraumacity
  • The exclusive small/medium size has been designed to match specific intermediary vessel sizes requested by surgeons
  • The cartridge is designed with effective clip retention, adhesive cartridge backing, and ergonomic design to insure precise and effortless clip loading
  • Titanium Hemostatic Sterile Clips
  • Clip Applicator. Med/Large 19cm

Size: Medium/Large Material: Titanium Product Type: Hemostatic Sterile Clip Brand: JorVet Sterile Packaging Type: Packaged Sterile Application: Surgical