Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Size: 100 Brand: JorVet
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Some CCL deficient patients benefit from the use of double sutures. This is particularly true of very large dogs and 100lb line. Passing a second needle behind the fabella risks damaging the first line and peri-fabellar structures, which ultimately will hold the nylon sutures. Double line, swaged-on sutures allow the placement of two lines with one pass of the needle. Available as single sterile packs with or without crimps. The double line is supplied swaged on as a loop and will, therefore, be of interest to those surgeons using the self-locking McKee/Miller knot (VCOT 1999/12:78-80)

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Size: 100 Material: Nylon Product Type: Double Strand Brand: JorVet Application: Orthopedics For Use With: Crimp Tube Nylon Lines