Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Volume: 10 ml Presentation: Liquid
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Vetsulin® Vet Pen is indicated for the reduction of hyperglycemia and hyperglycemia-associated clinical signs in dogs and cats with diabetes mellitus.

  • The only FDA approved veterinary product for the management of diabetes mellitus in both dogs and cats
  • Porcine insulin zinc suspension
  • Unlike human insulin, porcine insulin has the same amino acid sequence as canine insulin, making it less likely for dogs to develop anti-insulin antibodies
  • Offers veterinary practitioners the added security and confidence that come from over 20 years of successful use by veterinarians worldwide

Color Of Medicine: Clear Volume: 10 ml Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Strength: 40 IU/ml Presentation: Liquid Container Type: Vial Delivery Type: Injection