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IV Stabilizer Plus™ reduces patient stress because it alleviates the necessity of dressing and undressing wounds.

  • Soft sponge interior makes it comfortable to wear at all times, and the product’s innovative design helps alleviate the possibility of infection
  • Made of a durable polypropylene, it can be utilized over and over again
  • Can also be administered to burn patients and those with lacerations, abrasions, lick granulomas and elbow calluses
  • A great asset in postorthopedic surgery because it is completely radiolucent
  • Guaranteed uninterrupted flow of IV fluids
  • Completely protects the intravenous catheter
  • Firmly stabilizes the patient’s leg
  • Application is simple and easy within 30 seconds

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Size: Large Material: Polypropylene Color: Purple