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Winged Elevators were designed and created by Dr Robert Wiggs, DVM/AVDC. These elevators will help to make extractions easier in both dogs and cats. They are sharp and have a fine edge to them. All of the winged elevators have a unique spoon shape that hugs the tooth and gives the veterinarian some added leverage, by using it in a side to side twisting/rocking motion. They are also useful in between the teeth in the interdental space. These come in four styles: original S/S (lightweight feel), color coded (aluminum, heavier feel) and mini-wings (for smaller hands). Short shanked, SS winged with shorter grip.

End Type: Single End Tip Type: Winged Contains: DTP10347 #1 (1 mm) color coded violet, DTP10348 #2 (2 mm) color coded gold, DTP10349 #3 (3 mm) color coded blue and DTP10350 #4 (4 mm) color coded black Handle Type: Round For Animal Type: Cat, Dog Product Type: Winged Elevator Set