Package Quantity: 50/Pkg Color: Brown Brand: ChloraPrep DuraPrep
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  • Patient preoperative skin preparation
  • Contains iodine povacrylex (0.7% available iodine) and isopropyl alcohol (74%)
  • Gives effective antimicrobial kill in a single, painted coat, along with significantly greater drape adhesion
  • Keeps resident bacteral counts low for at least 48 hours after blood and saline challenge, and at least 12 hours against transient bactera 1,2
  • Dries to a water-insoluble film that immobilizes bacteria not killed, reducing the risk of microbial migration to the surgical incision, even when an incise drape isn’t used

Active Ingredient: Iodine, Iodine Povacrylex, Isopropyl Alcohol Volume: 6 ml Package Quantity: 50/Pkg Presentation: Liquid Use: Skin preparation Concentrated: N Lid Type: No Lid Color: Brown Product Type: Surgical Prep Brand: ChloraPrep DuraPrep Container Capacity: 6 ml