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  • Handmade from durable acrylic
  • 3D view of the roots of the teeth
  • The anatomical shape and position of the teeth and roots can be easily demonstrated
  • All teeth are anatomically correct
  • Injection-molded canine teeth are extra strong
  • Ergonomically designed articulating hinge
  • Hinge can be taken apart by removing screw
  • Life size: Dog - approx. 6" L, including hinge; Cat - approx. 4" L, including hinge
  • Enables the veterinarian to better visualize location of roots during dental procedures
  • Enables the technician or assistant to learn the dental anatomy more easily
  • Better client acceptance than a real skull
  • No more struggling with pets’ mouths to demonstrate dental problems and suggest treatment
  • When clients can visualize their pets’ dentition, they are more likely to accept the treatment you suggest

Transparent: Y Package Quantity: 1/Pkg