Veterinary Digital Imaging

Vetrinary digital imaging equipment

Advanced imaging for better patient care.

With digital imaging, you get an instant and clear picture to help you make accurate diagnoses. Since it’s digital, repositioning your patient to take additional images doesn’t cost any more yet gives you a complete picture. Further, sharing the images with your clients helps them understand and accept your treatment plan. Having the best veterinary imaging equipment helps you be the best vet you can be.

The Patterson difference: service throughout the lifetime of your product.

We hand-select our veterinary digital imaging equipment for high quality and value. And we back each one with installation, training and customer service. So, when you purchase from Patterson, you are purchasing the best equipment from the only company that couples it with the best customer service. We sell it, install it, show you how to use it and service it for as long as you own it.

Discovering Digital Imaging

At Patterson, we carefully curate our digital imaging equipment to bring you the highest quality and value on the market. It’s a carefully crafted portfolio to help you find the solution that’s right for you. All digital imaging equipment comes with the legendary customer service Patterson is known for.

Veterinary diagnostic equipment

Veterinary digital x-ray

3D Veterinary X-ray


Wouldn’t it be great if there were diagnostic equipment that worked with your iPhone? Or what if it were made especially for veterinarians, not passed down from human diagnostics? Good news! You’ll find that and more here.

Digital X-ray

Patterson scouts the industry to find the best digital X-ray for the best value. We look for ease of use. We look for sharpest images. We look for assessable price points our customers will like. Take a look at how digital imaging can transform your workflow.

3D X-ray

Imaging on a whole other level. That’s what a 360-degree view can do for your patient diagnostics. Find out how this cone beam CT circles the patient once, in under 18 seconds, to generate an image of the entire area.

Six ways digital imaging can better explain a diagnosis.

When it comes to better client understanding and treatment plan compliance, show, don’t tell. With digital imaging, it’s easier than ever.

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