Connect. Communicate. Reward. Retain.

The only Loyalty App designed and developed for veterinarians, by veterinarians..

Connect. Communicate. Reward. Retain.

The Vet2Pet App provides your practice with a unique and simple way to connect with your clients, bond them to your practice and give exceptional care to your patients. Developed by working veterinarians, hospital managers and techs, every feature has been tested and proven with real clients and patients.

The greatest part of the app is that it’s so easy to implement. Vet2Pet builds the app for you! All you need to do is select your package, provide the name and logo for your app and decide if you want to participate in the Mobile Pet Rewards Program. And Vet2Pet even provides you with a package of marketing materials to help you promote app usage to your clients!

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We are continually amazed at how progressive and innovative Vet2Pet is. Clients love the ease of the App and it has been a great way for us to get information about new services and promotions out to our loyal clients. Keep up the great work!

     – Lisa A. Yackel, Case Veterinary Hospital

App Features

Your app comes loaded with many awesome features. Here are some highlights:

Your Icon, Your App
Your clients will download your app for free in the App Store or the Play Store. You’ll be with them wherever they go.

Mobile Pet Rewards Program
Reward your top clients with this easy-to-execute loyalty program and increase annual revenues by more than $55,000, with a 2000% return on your reward investment (see case study analysis)! Clients can earn stamps and rewards with a virtual stamp card. The Rewards Program can be customized for your practice and your Loyalty Dashboard tracks rewards and engagement stats in real time.

Appointment and Medication Requests
Clients can send in requests at their convenience. If they need a refill they can simply snap a photo and send it in.

Push Notifications
Send an instant message to all your clients who “accept notifications” when they download the app. Notifications are a great way to generate revenue and build client loyalty. 

NEW! Vet2Pet has just released two new types of group notifications unique to the Vet2Pet app: breed specific and custom lists. Now your practice can send targeted notifications to over 100 canine and 10 cat breeds. And with custom list notifications, you can select specific groups of clients to send quick, targeted messages to.

Some other examples of types of notifications you can send include:

  • Promotions or special offers for VIP clients
  • Reminders to give monthly heartworm medication
  • Special announcements about your hospital
  • Amber alerts for lost pets

Selfie Shots
Clients can upload a photo of their pet along with a bio and submit it through the app. Your clients will love it if you add the photos to an album on your Facebook page; it’s a great way to engage with them on a whole new level.

The PetSync™ Platform

With the Vet2Pet app, clients can pair their app with your practice management system. This new, leading-edge platform can integrate with most practice management software systems. PetSync powers data integration between your practice and your clients, through the app.

Pair Your Pet
When clients synchronize their app with your software, all their pet’s information is auto-loaded to the app.

Upcoming Appointments
All upcoming appointments show up right in the client’s app.

Your app sends custom notifications to remind them of upcoming appointments and services as well as lapsed services (this feature can be turned off if you already have a SMS reminder service).

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