Practice-Branded App

The only customizable, all-in-one client engagement platform for veterinarians.

The Vet2Pet app lets you care for your patients anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly mirror the client experience you’ve created inside your hospital with the Vet2Pet app. Developed by working veterinarians, hospital managers and techs, every feature has been tested and proven with real clients and patients.

The best part of this client engagement platform is that it’s so easy to implement. Vet2Pet builds the app for you! All you need to do is select your package and provide the name and logo for your app. Vet2Pet also offers branded marketing materials to help you promote app downloads and adoption to your clients.

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App Features

Your app comes loaded with many awesome features. Here are some highlights:

Your brand, your app
All the app features you need, and you manage it all from your cloud dashboard. Your app is custom branded with your practice’s name, logo and colors.

Telemedicine – new!
Because patients need care outside your four walls, the Vet2Pet app has built-in telemedicine features including:

  • Two-way chats
    Clients can initiate an App Chat, decide on an urgency rating and send photos and videos.
  • Asynchronous video
    Clients can upload videos or photos of their pet; you can share video summaries of the pet’s visit or a review of lab work or digital images.
  • In-app payments
    With the virtual payment feature, you can charge clients for individual chats, monthly unlimited chats or not at all.

Appointment and medication requests
Clients can send in requests at their convenience. If they need a refill, they can simply snap a photo and send it in.

Push notifications
Send an instant message to all your clients who download the app and accept notifications. Instant messages can be sent to an individual client when a patient is hospitalized, to certain groups or all clients. You can include photos and PDFs, too.

Loyalty program
Reward your top clients with this easy-to-execute loyalty program and increase annual revenue by an average of 6.4%. Clients can see how many rewards they’ve earned in the app.

Pet selfie
Clients can upload a photo of their pet along with a bio and submit it through the app. Clients love to see their photos on your Facebook page. Selfies help build your social community, too.

I love that y’all are continuously finding new ways to make this app better and to be an all-in-one – the chat feature is next level!

     – Linda Pflughauptl, Southampton Veterinary Clinic

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