Anesthesia Vaporizer Service

Proper maintenance of your anesthesia vaporizer helps ensure the safety of your patients and your team. With the complete maintenance program available through Patterson's Anesthesia Vaporizer Service, you can do just that.

Patterson's Anesthesia Vaporizer Service includes:

  • Visual inspection of all components
  • Cleaning of all components
  • Reassembly of the vaporizer
  • Replacement of all O-rings, gaskets and seals
  • Leak analysis
  • Calibration with a laser refractometer
  • Ensured clinical accuracy

Plus, it's true anesthesia service. Oftentimes, anesthesia service companies mislead veterinary professionals by claiming your vaporizer can be serviced onsite. This simply cannot be done! Vaporizers must be serviced in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment to ensure the stability of the temperature-compensating device and maintain accurate calibration. A complete service of a vaporizer takes several hours, requires the use of precision instruments and a knowledgeable service staff with the proper documentation and training.

Patterson is dedicated to vaporizer service and our technicians have been in the industry a combined 50 years.

With questions regarding your anesthesia equipment, call our knowledgeable staff at 866-825-6076.

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