Material: Silicone
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A premium collection of dental scalers, picks and probes, a set of 15 instruments supplied in a sterilizable cassette.

Material: Silicone Contains: Periosteal Elevator Dual End (2 mm and 4 mm), Resorptive Lesion Probe, Sharp Spoon Small Scaler, Sickle Scaler Normal, Exploring and Measuring Probe Dual End, Jacquette Supra Gingival Scaler, McCall Scaler Dual End, Scaler On and Off Side, Incisor Luxators Double End, Explorer Scaler Double End, Spatula Double End, Deciduous Elevator Small (2 mm), Deciduous Elevator Medium (3 mm), Examination Single End Mirror, and Periosteal Elevator Curved Ended Handle Type: Silicone