Package Quantity: 10/Pkg Material: Bio-Compatible Polymer Presentation: Microchip
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The perfect union of form and function, proven to cause no stress reaction in the horse during implantation.

  • Small 14 gauge needle without compromising distance; up to 9.5" read distance with universal scanner
  • Each microchip is as small as a thin grain of rice and weighs a fraction of the standard glass microchip
  • Contains a permanent ID code that is unique to that animal
  • Pre-loaded in sterile syringes ready for implantation and designed for ease-of-use
  • “No Return Click” syringe offers an added safety feature: it blocks the injector once depressed, stopping the microchip from being vacuumed back by the piston
  • ISO compliant microchip ID can also be used as verifiable proof of ownership for competition and personal insurance
  • Equine Use Only; these cannot be implanted in other animals
  • These microchips also meet the new USEF Rule(s): EQ103.2, HU101.2, and JP100.2 requirements

Package Quantity: 10/Pkg Presentation: Microchip Use: Identification Material: Bio-Compatible Polymer Registration Cost: N