Package Quantity: 50/Pkg Color: Red Brand: JorVet
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Look for the sterilization indicator patch. The days have passed when veterinarians simply disposed of their hazardous waste like surgery gloves, drape, and animal body parts in the trash. Medical standards require responsible disposal of medical waste in appropriately marked bags that can be safely autoclaved.

  • Orange-red
  • Sterilization indicator patch
  • Large biohazard symbol and precautionary in 4 languages are clearly visible for safety
  • Made of high molecular weight, high density (HMHD/polyethylene)
  • Steam autoclavable up to 121°C (250°F)
  • Note: Holder is sold seperately as item 078507819

Package Quantity: 50/Pkg Overall Height: 58 cm Capacity: 6-9 Gallon Use: Biohazard Waste Overall Width: 48 cm Lid Type: No Lid Container Type: Bag Material: Polyethylene Overall Dimensions: 48 x 58c m Color: Red Reusability: Disposable Product Type: Biohazard Disposal Bag Brand: JorVet Container Capacity: 6-9 Gallon For Use With: Animal Body Parts, Drapes, Hazardous Waste, Surgery Gloves