Veterinary Dental Suite

Comprehensive dental solutions for your veterinary practice.

Oral health is closely tied to overall health. With equipment offered by Patterson, your practice can offer comprehensive dental care to your patients and peace of mind to their owners. Veterinary dental care continues to advance and our state-of-the-art solutions always come with training to ensure you’re able to use them efficiently.

Nobody knows dental like we know dental.

Since our founding in 1877, we have led the dental industry for both humans and animals. Nobody has more people, equipment, products and service dedicated to dental health than Patterson Veterinary.

Highest quality equipment for highest quality dentals
Dr. Shane Whitaker has used the NewTom 3D CT scanner for every dental done at his practice. He and his patients believe it is simply better medicine. And it is.

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“I don’t want to lose a finger!”
We crowdsourced reactions to how clients feel about brushing their pet’s teeth. The comments run the gamut, from overachiever to self-admitted laziness. And that’s okay. There are more and more ways to help every kind of pet owner.

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Dental Month specials
We pulled together the best bundles and pricing from our vendors to get you ready for Dental Month. Save a little money and be sure you’re ready.

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Dental Equipment

The Total Package

Olympic dental tables are renowned for their lift, ergonomic comfort and quality. With Olympic, practice owners and staff never need to lift or carry a heavy dog again. We’ve added the iM3 Dental Unit and the Versa II Anesthesia Machine to create a complete dental suite. The dental suite can accommodate an AccuWave monitor as well, for an easy addition to the team. It’s a bundle that means better care for staff and patient.

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