Veterinary Clinic Design


Dr. Noah Arnold

Anyone who ever meets Dr. Noah meets sincerity, truth and humor. It was no different when we first met Dr. Noah in 2017 at a Guiding Practice Success (GPS) event, where he readily admitted to being absolutely terrified at the thought of building his own practice. Thinking of opening what is now called Dr. Noah’s Ark Veterinary Clinic, he had secured financing, a space and the name, but wanted to put more thought into equipment and design. Take a look at where Dr. Noah is now, 6 months after opening Dr. Noah’s Ark Veterinary Clinic and how he has made his clinic “more a home than a hospital”.

Dr. Trusheim

We met up with Dr. Trusheim at her beautiful and hip year-old practice on the corners of Sixth Street and Blanchard. It’s the second existing practice, and the third she’s built. Two vet practices, a mile apart, in one of the most pet-friendly cities in America, Seattle. See how Dr. Trusheim partnered with her Patterson team to open her veterinary practices.

A Nontraditional Veterinarian

Much about Dr. John Wight’s path to being a veterinarian was nontraditional. That makes it even more fitting that it took more than two decades for his practice to have walls.

Echo Ridge Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Kira MacKinnon‘s story began with a realtor mentioning a vacant veterinary practice while house hunting for a move from Arizona to Washington state. What became of that is Echo Ridge Veterinary Hospital, where she’s ready for anything from cats to calves.

Same Address. Brand-New Clinic.

Drive a bit into Blackshear, Georgia, and right off Highway 84, you’ll find a brand-new practice has taken the place of the previous practice. If you were accustomed to seeing the other practice, it would be almost easy to miss. After all, the new clinic is so close to the old one, they were able to keep the same address. But on second glance, you’d find a practice that’s 4,300 square feet – more than 300 percent larger than the 1,400-square-foot original practice.

A True Partnership

In 2011, Dr. Lopez purchased a mobile practice. Last year, he opened a 5,000 square foot office. 6 months later, he added a dental suite. So how did he go from a van to a sweeping and expansive space in the span of 4 years? How did he manage such tremendous growth? It started with a conversation.