Save time and reduce inventory errors

Create, place and receive inventory orders with ease. eShelf integrates with your practice management software to reduce time and errors associated with inventory management.
With eShelf, your practice will improve inventory control, eliminate errors caused by manual inventory management and increase profits through inventory turnover.
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Patterson eShelf:
Creates purchase orders to be sent directly to Patterson Veterinary when you are ready to submit.
Receives instant feedback on the order.
  • eShelf will offer visibility into promotions and the ability to update an order to take advantage of special pricing or promotions.
  • Order confirmation is received in practice management software.
Checks the status of orders via a link to the UPS real-time tracking site.

Receives the order into your inventory and updates quantity on hand if established in practice management software for invoiced items.

Updates the product cost in practice management software and sets the appropriate margin if established in practice management software.