Full-body scans of even the biggest dogs in one minute

NewTom 7G is the most advanced 3D CT cone-beam technology available, including the largest field of view, 3x better image quality and 3x the resolution with multiple flat panel screens.
A single, powerful device generates a full-body scan in under one minute of even the biggest dogs – making positioning points as easy as possible.
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Use the NewTom 7G for 3D diagnostics with multiple FOVs and sequential 2D for viewing even the smallest body and soft tissue structures, hairline fractures in complex joint structures, myelography, scans with or without contrast agents.
You can also use the 7G for follow-up purposes after surgical procedures, with minimization of artifacts caused by osteo-articular prostheses or other osteo-synthetic devices. The 7G’s gantry is motorized, so the whole unit is synced.
Better patient health
Because the 7G is a multitasker, you get three modalities in one. CT scans are quick, so patients are exposed to less radiation with less anesthesia and sedation. You can scan small exotics to large dogs at angles you can’t catch in a standard X-ray.
Instant, high-contrast, highly detailed 3D images mean diseases can be diagnosed much earlier. Building a fee structure upfront for scans means earlier diagnoses, earlier treatment and healthier preventative medicine.
Installation and training
Installation takes just a little over a day. Your NewTom 7G purchase includes six days of on-site training, including surgical procedures for conditions your NewTom 7G will catch. Training is based on your needs with options for TECA-BO, arthroscopy, sinus biopsies, tracheal stenting and more.
Your NewTom 7G package
  • One Veterinary NewTom 7G scanner
  • One automated patient table
  • One control computer with wall mount
  • Two days of software and positioning training
  • Two days of application and implementation training with DVM
  • Two days of advanced software and positioning training
Packages also include:
  • Installation
  • Lifetime software updates
  • 5-year, full-coverage warranty
  • Radiation shielding report submitted to state
The cone beam CT creates a three-dimensional, cone-shaped beam that circles the patient just once to generate an image of the entire area.
  • Exposes pets to far less radiation and generates images in far less time
  • Images generated by a cone beam contain huge, helpful data sets that include both traditional and three-dimensional images
  • Scan times as little as 7.2 seconds
  • 360° revolution around the animal
  • Produces entire 3D image
  • 3D diagnostic imaging can be instantly sent to specialists
  • Multiple fields of view
  • Low radiation; no special room needed
  • Operates on a dedicated 110 V outlet
  • Trained and certified Patterson service technician will install the NewTom and provide on-site service and support after the sale
  • Integration process included with purchase
  • 5-year warranty on parts and labor

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