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      Kelly Baltzell

      President and CEO of Beyond Indigo Pets

      Kelly Baltzell, M.A. is President and CEO of Beyond Indigo Pets marketing agency. She founded Beyond Indigo in 1997 to meet the specific and under-served needs of funeral homes, and in 2004 moved into the veterinary industry. Under her leadership, Beyond Indigo Pets has remained at the forefront of the veterinary marketing community, providing data-driven marketing services, custom website design, and results-focused product innovations for 25 years.

      Kelly's depth of experience has enabled her to lead dialogue on key marketing trends and challenges specific to the needs of veterinary practices, hospitals, and associations.     

      She is a featured columnist for the Fountain Report, Patterson, and MWI. She has also spoken and been published across the United States and in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. Kelly is dedicated to sharing marketing strategy expertise and building connections between veterinary industry professionals across the country. She is a true relationship builder who works to promote her clients and broadcast their stories to the world. 

      Kelly graduated from George Washington University with a degree in international affairs and economics and received her master's degree in counseling and psychology from St. Mary's. Her first website,, remains under her guiding hand. 

      Authored blogs

      August 11, 2023
      It's All In the Content: 5 Tips on How To Write a Blog To Educate Pet Owners
      Blogs are powerful tools for both client education and helping your website maintain a high ranking on search engine result pages. But where to begin? Start with these tips from Beyond Indigo Pets President and CEO, Kelly Baltzell.