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      Focus Your Marketing With a “Safe Deposit Box” Organizer [Free Download]

      9 times out of 10, when veterinary practices reach out to a marketing agency like Blue Indigo Pets for assistance, a good chunk of time is spent tracking down access to various platforms and digital marketing assets. Typically, the story goes something like this – the receptionist's nephew set up the Facebook page, or the brother of the lead tech was a “techie” and bought the domain name. Regardless of the story, the result is the same: The hospital team has no idea where key marketing usernames and passwords are hiding, which leads to gnashing of teeth.

      How about we change that today? 

      Below is a grid, which we have included in a printable link here, that can be filled out as a worksheet to get started. This worksheet will help get all the key information in one place. Then, the next step is to move this information to an online data vault like 1Password. If stored in a digital vault, this login information can be available to all who need it. If the digital vault option is chosen, make sure that the owner(s) of the business have full administrative rights. It is akin to having a key to the front door of the business. 

      Click here to download this worksheet


      There are a few key things to note as you dive into this process:

      Decipher your Domain

      Many people confuse where a website is hosted/managed, with where the domain name is hosted/managed. The domain name is typically at a second company such as,, or If you have no clue where your domain name is hosted, go to and search for your domain. The page will render something like this:


      Click the yellow “whois” button and you will see:



      The “registrar” is where your domain “lives.” This is the place to which you need to find your username and password, unless your website hosting or marketing company manages the whole process for you. 


      Notice your Notifications

      Another thing to note is that Google Console knows all about your website. If your website is throwing errors, has issues, or needs updates, this is where Google will holler about it. Please make sure that your marketing provider is receiving these messages or, if you are doing DIY marketing within the hospital, that someone is getting the notifications. 


      Dominate your Data

      Finally, someone should be keeping track of all the information these sites are creating, beyond Google Console. It’s no joke to go through each one of those properties one by one. Instead, use reporting to manage this data. Beyond Indigo Pets can monitor, or help you monitor, all of the above properties. Plus, reviews can be responded to super quickly with a custom touch and flair added to every review response!

      If marketing is a subject you or your team tend to find overwhelming, we invite you to visit this page of the Beyond Indigo Pets website and set up a time to discuss your marketing needs. Whether your website needs a refresh, you need help monitoring reviews, or your social media presence could use some polish, Beyond Indigo Pets can help with your marketing work, so you can focus on providing top-notch veterinary care.