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      6 Keys to Anesthesia Success

      The safe and efficient delivery of inhalant anesthetics is a crucial component to veterinary care. Access to the right equipment, training, and support can reduce stress on providers and their team within the surgical suite. Below we're sharing a list of six end-to-end resources Patterson Veterinary has developed to help practices maintain the quality of their anesthesia delivery programs.

      1. Options for machines and equipment 

      Veterinary anesthesia machines come with a range of sizes, mounting capabilities, and price points that reflect a practice's needs. Picking the right option can make anesthesia administration easier on providers and support staff. Machines can be positioned to take up less space in your surgical suite, can be mobile, and can be adaptable for use with a range of smaller animal sizes.

      Machines that are built in-house by Patterson, the Versa II and Compact, can offer the best options for providers. Both come with a lifetime warranty and with our industry-leading customer service and support.

      2. Monitors that are easy to use but work harder

      Anesthesia monitors work harder for surgical teams when their units are reliable, well designed, and have carefully considered features. It's important to ensure readability for the entire surgical team by considering display size, available font size, and presentation of a range of measurements. Portability, printer integration, and sensor ports that are easy to use cam also make anesthesia administration easier. 

      Patterson's in-house-built monitors, AccuWave Plus and AccuWave Pro, include these options and others. 

      3. Free anesthesia hotline, just a phone call away

      It's reassuring to have access to phone support for questions about anesthesia administration. Patterson's no-cost, toll-free Anesthesia Hotline (1.866.825.6076) connects practices to certified vet techs with advanced anesthesia knowledge.

      Techs regularly answer questions about using new machines, unexpected monitor reads, troubleshooting whether lines are working correctly, checking for leaks, and more. The team answers many inquiries immediately, but also works through email to research multifaceted questions. 

      4. Vaporizer maintenance without downtime

      In the same way your car needs tire rotations and oil changes, vaporizers need periodic service to retain their safety standards. While there are plenty of choices in how to service your machine, Patterson's vaporizer exchange program is easy, convenient, and detailed.

      Once a practice requests this service and relays information about their current unit, they'll receive and optimized compatible vaporizer through the mail. This unit has been serviced by experienced reps in a climate-controlled environment, carefully tested both internally and externally. The exchange process takes less than 20 minutes, and the new vaporizer can be used one hour after being filled so there's no downtime to impact practice schedules. The delivery also includes a return slip for the older unit. which can be packed up and sent back to the center. 

      5. Access to a supply of quality accessories and anesthetics

      When it's easy to order (and reorder) sodasorb, syringes, needles, catheters, and monitor accessories such as sensor clips and printer paper, you've reduced one more headache that can be part of your administrative program.

      In addition, access to the right anesthetics, including options for both isoflurane and sevoflurane, can help you feel more confident that you'll have what you need, when you need it. 

      6. Anesthesia education and video tutorials available online, 24x7

      Patterson has subscription-based online continuing education options to help with anesthesia training. ACT Online Training includes video-based courses on monitoring blood pressure and ECG, and anesthesia assisting, while Patterson Veterinary University provides classes on anesthesia for dental patients. Patterson also provides a video library that explains machine installation and pressure testing for our in-house-manufactured anesthesia machines.