Overview The SunTech Vet20 Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor combines our expertise and experience with market-leading blood pressure solutions, to create an automated blood pressure monitor with an animal-specific algorithm so you can take reliable, accurate measurements on awake or sedated companion animals with no shaving or gel.

  • Takes just a matter of minutes to obtain results and requires no gel or shaving
  • The user-friendly touchscreen makes this device simple to use and requires little to no training
  • This monitor is extremely quiet, with the option to turn off alarms and audible indicators
  • Light, portable and battery operated with an automatic battery-saving capability that powers down the device after a specific time of inactivity
  • It can also be powered by A/C adapter and is small enough to carry between exam rooms, making it convenient for both patients and providers
  • Provides highly accurate BP measurements on awake companion animals with fewer failed measurements
  • 2-year warranty on monitor