Brand: SmoothWave
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The SmoothWave i100 Generator provides medical, dental and veterinary professionals with superior precision, versatility and safety during surgical procedures. Using a 4.0 MHz output frequency that is over 8 times greater than that of electrosurgical devices, Soniquence generators create microscopic lateral heat while cutting and coagulating, thereby protecting surrounding tissue from unwanted thermal injury.

  • 4.0 MHz monopolar and 1.7 MHz bipolar output frequencies in one unit
  • Utilizes proprietary waveforms which aid best-in-class cutting with simultaneous coagulation
  • Bipolar Hemo modality facilitates the coagulation of bleeding vessels and soft tissue management
  • Tissue matching technology ensures a smooth cut through various tissue types by adapting RF modes according to the tissue’s water content
  • RF filtering automatically matches tissue impedance from 50 to 2000 ohms to provide consistent results with various soft tissues, such as skin or fat
  • Pulse width modulation produces clean waveforms for Monopolar Cut, Blend and Hemostasis modes

Contains: 1 SmoothWave i100 generator with power cord, 1 double action foot pedal, 1 (sterile, single use) fingerswitch wand, 1 (nonsterile) fingerswitch wand, 1 (reusable) bipolar cable, 1 (reusable) neutral plate, 1 (reusable) bipolar forceps and 1 set (assorted, 24 pcs) hex key tips Product Type: Radiosurgical Unit with Accessories Brand: SmoothWave Application: Radiosurgery