Package Quantity: 12 x 30 Tablet Blister Pack Active Ingredient: Estriol Presentation: Tablet
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Incurin™ Tablets treat female canine urinary incontinence (bladder control issues). Incurin® contains estriol, a naturally occurring, short-acting estrogen found in female dogs.

  • Proven effective in reducing or eliminating urinary incontinence
  • 93% of dogs treated were improved or continent by 6 weeks
  • Convenient, once-a-day dosing
  • One simple starting dose for all female dogs and just 1 tablet size to stock
  • Titrated to the lowest effective dose

NDC Number: 00061-4323-01 Active Ingredient: Estriol Color Of Medicine: White Package Quantity: 12 x 30 Tablet Blister Pack Strength: 1 mg Presentation: Tablet Pill Count: 360 Container Type: Blister pack Delivery Type: Oral