Package Quantity: 20 Tags/Box, 40 Boxes/Case Color: Blue Brand: PYthon®II Magnum™
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PYthon®II Magnum™ Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags are synergized pyrethroid tags containing 10% zetacypermethrin plus piperonyl butoxide. PYthon®II Magnum™ ear tags have up to 62% more stopping power than similar tags. Approved for use on beef and dairy cattle, including calves and lactating dairy cows.

  • Use 1 tag to control most strains of horn flies for up to 4 months and pyrethroid-susceptible strains of horn flies up to 5 months
  • Aids in the control of face flies, stable flies and house flies up to 4 months
  • Controls biting lice and aids in the control of sucking lice for up to 3 months
  • Use the Y-Tex UltraTagger to apply

Active Ingredient: S-Enantiomaer S-Cyano 10%/Piperonyl Butoxide 20%, Zeta-cypermethrin Package Quantity: 20 Tags/Box, 40 Boxes/Case Insecticide: Y Color: Blue For Animal Type: Beef Cattle, Calf, Dairy Cattle Product Type: Ear Tag Brand: PYthon®II Magnum™