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The Horizon Laser system uses scientifically proven protocols to deliver laser energy to the client’s pet to speed healing in almost 90% of indications seen in a typical veterinary clinic. Helps animals of all sizes to recover more quickly from acute and chronic sprains and strains and all wound care, to internal inflammation, ear disease and post-surgical and dental applications. Summus Laser Therapy is an essential healing tool for the veterinarian.

  • 28 W Continuous Wave Power/30 W Superpulsed with 4 wavelengths of light - ATLAS Ergonomic Cart with Built-In Tablet/Camera System - allows interactive communication for training, support and service
  • Progressive Treatment Protocol - the pet can be set up for a treatment plan and the protocol will vary as the patient progresses through the plan
  • Independent Wavelength Control - vary wattage per wavelength; each wavelength has a different effect on the body and this allows a condition to receive the optimal therapy
  • Automatic Optic Identification and Motion Sensor - the laser automatically recognizes which optic lens is being used, and a Red and Green LED identify speed of handpiece movement to ensure utmost safety
  • Visual Guidance - motion graphics displayed on screen will guide you anatomically through treatments with confidence

Wavelength Of Laser: 4 Contains: 1 Horizon Laser, 5 handpiece lenses, 1 hard-side travel case, 1 power pack, 1 ATLAS laser stand with battery, 1 tablet, 1 camera system and 1 marketing kit Wattage: 28 W Continuous Wave Power/30 W Superpulsed Product Type: Laser