Package Quantity: 3200/Pkg Volume: 1 cc
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Aniject™ 3pt Syringes are sterile, individually packed three-piece construction with accurate and legible graduation markings.

  • Consists of a transparent barrel, a plunger and a rubber plunger cap which forms a better seal between the barrel and the plunger. The barrels and plungers are recyclable PP (Polypropylene), the rubber on the 3-part plungers is natural and can be recycled. Pouches are a combination of paper and recyclable PE film
  • Available sizes range from 1ml zero dead space – 60ml
  • Three part syringe with latex-free piston and two seal rings
  • Light lubrication of a silicone based medical lubricant allows for a safe regular sliding motion of the piston
  • Ultra-accurate 1/100 graduations on 1 cc syringes
  • Black graduations give ideal contrast and readability
  • High barrel transparency simplifies inspection of content of syringe
  • Very firm stop restraint minimizes risk of accidental plunger withdrawal
  • Smooth gliding characteristics are excellent for oil/alcohol based injectables
  • Zero dead space
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex free
  • Pyrogen free

Volume: 1 cc Package Quantity: 3200/Pkg Cap: N