Color: White Brand: Avid
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The AVID Power Tracker VIII is an identity tag reader with memory and translation capabilities. Its patented Multi-Mode technology enables it to read id tags from different manufacturers. The Power Tracker VIII is capable of reading, translating and storing up to 2000 AVID, FECAVA or ISO FDX-B coded ID tags. The ID code can be displayed as manufactured or translated to an alphanumeric format as defined by the user. For example: the ID tag can be displayed as “AVID*123*456*789" or displayed as "MATTHEW-2432”. The ID code, in its original or translated format, can be displayed on the Power Tracker’s 16 character LCD, downloaded via RS-232 to a computer, or stored in the reader’s memory. Additionally, the user may choose to display and output the ISO FDX-B code in several formats including hexadecimal.

Overall Height: 3-1/2" Overall Width: 6" Color: White Overall Length: 8.2" Frequency: 128 kHz Product Type: Power Tracker Brand: Avid