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  • A qualitative lateral flow rapid test that detects hemoglobin and albumin in equine fecal specimens
  • A simple stall-side test that provides veterinarians with useful objective data to support the differential diagnosis of digestive tract conditions in horses
  • Indicates whether ulcers are gastric and/or colonic in just minutes
  • Each kit provides everything you need to test one horse; all you need is the contents of the kit, fecal sample from the subject horse and 3 to 4 oz of clean tap water
  • It’s easy to use anywhere and results are clear within minutes

Giardia Specific: N Disposable: Y Contains: 1 clear plastic container, 1 dual test cassette which contains both an albumin test (Test A) and a hemoglobin test (Test H), 1 disposable sample pipette, 1 polyethylene glove, 1 instruction sheet and 1 desiccant pouch (for moisture) Ready To Use: Y