Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Color: Tan Brand: PC-Vet Gard
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  • Wireless
  • Portable
  • Hand-held, battery operated
  • Displays dynamic ECG, blood oxygen saturation, respiration and temperature
  • Bluetooth adapter provides a 100ft of range wireless link to your computer
  • Programmable alarms
  • Medical grade 120/240V AC adapter/charger
  • Digital pulse oximetery complete with two clips
  • ECG three lead cables featuring painless clips
  • ECG chest sensor for diagnostic exams
  • ECG long term monitoring
  • Two revolutionary esophageal probes to measure ECG, core body temperature, hear trate and respiration
  • Rectal temperature probe
  • Bluetooth adapter
  • Application and reviewer software
  • Hanging pouch for IV pole or table
  • Full-time staff training and technical support for the life of the product

Voltage: 120-240 V Package Quantity: 1/Pkg # Leads: 3 Disposable: N Sensors Included: Y Printer Included: N Cuff Included: N Apnea Alert: Y Dual Line Cuff: N Arrhythmia Analysis: N Customizable Alarms: Y Contains: 1 patient monitor, 3 ECG lead cables with painless clips, 1 digital pulse oximetry with two clips, 1 ECG chest sensor, 2 esophageal probes, 1 rectal temperature probe, 1 Bluetooth adapter, 1 IV pole hanging pouch and application software Color: Tan Power Source: Electric Plug, Rechargeable Battery Pre-Set Alarms: Y Color Screen: N Display Type: Bluetooth to computer Reusability: Reusable Measurement Type: Blood Oxygen Saturation, ECG, Respiration, Temperature Mount Type: Handheld Product Type: Multiparameter Monitor Brand: PC-Vet Gard