Package Quantity: 24/Pkg
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Exceptionally clear, waterwhite, extra hard glass. Rounded corners, ground and polished edges. Noncorrosive and nonfogging.

  • Tubing is extensively leached, washed and surfacetreated to 99.9% proteinFree
  • Seamless tubing Free of striations lumen for clear passage of liquids and/or gases
  • Elasticity, memory is maintained even after repeated stretching, Translucency and uniformity of color. Provides an unobstructed observation of liquid flow line, gripping power – enables the tubing to grip tenaciously to connectors; sterilizable

Tube Type: Stomach Suction Package Quantity: 24/Pkg Tube Length: 18" Tube Material: Latex Rubber;Polyisoprene Rubber Latex Content: Latex Tube Inside Diameter: 1/4"