Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Active Ingredient: Glutaraldehyde Volume: 32 oz
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Concentrate for sterilization and high-level disinfection.

  • Cetylcide-G is a floral-scented, glutaraldehyde-based high-level disinfectant/sterilant for the dental and medical professions
  • A concentrate 1 quart bottle yields 3.75 gallons of useable solution; when mixed as directed, Cetylcide-G dilutes to 3.2% glutaraldehyde
  • When added to water, Cetylcide-G creates a sterilizing/high-level disinfecting use solution that relies only on variety of contact times rather than various concentrations to achieve the complete killing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis var. bovis in 40 minutes and complete sterilization (sporicidal) in 10 hours, all at room temperature
  • Once Cetylcide-G is prepared, the resulting solution may be used and reused for 28 days as either a high-level disinfectant or sterilant; at the end of the 28-day use period, the solution may be disposed of onsite by pouring it down the drain
  • The Cetylcide-G solution can be formulated with ordinary tap water and can be relied upon not to rust or corrode instruments

Active Ingredient: Glutaraldehyde Volume: 32 oz Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Presentation: Liquid Use: Disinfectant, Sterilant Concentrated: Y