Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Color: White Overall Dimensions: 6"(H) x 3-1/4"(D)
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F/air Canister is specifically designed to remove excess halogenated gases from the operating room environment.

  • A sensible answer to anesthesia gas problems in the operating room
  • Economical to use, with an average use life of 12-15 hours, the F/Air is easily adaptable to anesthesia machines
  • Can remove no less than 50 grams of halogenated anesthetic gases and can then be conveniently discarded
  • Disposable
  • Ready to use
  • Minimal storage
  • No maintenance
  • Standardized connector
  • Compact size

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Container Type: Canister Overall Dimensions: 6"(H) x 3-1/4"(D) Color: White Product Weight: 200 g