Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Color: White Overall Dimensions: 6"(H) x 3-1/4"(D)
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Omnicon F/AIR Anesthesia Gas Filter Canister is a simple, sensible and effective component to remove harmful waste anesthesia gas (WAGs) in the operating room. The six-inch F/AIR canister is part of a passive anesthesia scavenging system. It relies on the natural flow of the anesthesia delivery system to redirect and safely push the patient’s exhaled breath (which contains WAGs) into the F/AIR canister.

  • Uses activated carbon (not charcoal) to remove WAGs. Activated carbon is a result of a thermal process to create a highly porous substance with a large surface area. The porous structure of activated carbon is key to its effectiveness. The material contains a network of microscopic pores, which increases the overall surface area available to absorb gas. The activated carbon absorbs WAGs and releases purified air through the bottom of the canister.
  • Each canister contains approximately 200 grams of active carbon that can absorb up to 50 grams of halogenated gas retentivity (approximately 12-15 hours of use)
  • Adsorbent Surface Area: 200,000 m3/grams
  • Particle Size, Average, U.S. sieve: 6 + 16
  • Average Density: 48 grams/cc
  • Void Volume: 40%
  • Pressure Drop (psi): <0.1
  • Average Life: 12-15 hours
  • Electrical Properties: Non-conductive
  • Disposable
  • Ready to use
  • Minimal storage
  • Compact size
  • No maintenance
  • Warning: Do not use with flammable gases

Package Quantity: 1/Pkg Container Type: Canister Overall Dimensions: 6"(H) x 3-1/4"(D) Color: White Product Weight: 200 g