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      World Turtle Day: How Sea Turtles can Inspire Us All

      Footage of sea turtles often shows them gracefully gliding through the ocean through sunlit waters, seemingly going nowhere. Yet, sea turtles are actually the ocean’s best navigators and know exactly where they’re going! Over the course of a year they swim hundreds of miles in search of food, but they always return to the exact same beach where they were hatched, to lay new eggs.


      Magnetic Attraction


      Turns out it’s Earth’s magnetic fields that help sea turtles return to land. While it took us humans hundreds of years to calculate longitude and latitude for the oceans, which cover 71% of our planet, sea turtles have had it down for millions of years – 220 million to be exact.

      Magnetic fields serve as navigational markers to direct sea turtles along their migratory route and help them stay on course.


      Biggest Threats


      Sea turtles, truly prehistoric creatures, are endangered today. Boat propellers, fish nets, plastics, and straws are the biggest threats to the world’s sea turtle population. It’s why, on World Turtle Day, Patterson Veterinary’s NaVetor practice management system is excited to partner with Texas Sealife Center to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sea turtles back into the wild. For every practice that purchases the NaVetor software system, a donation will be made in their name to the Texas Sealife Center to support the rehabilitation of sea turtles.

      Dr. Tim Tristan founded the Center in 2011. Dr. Tristan and his team, along with dedicated volunteers, have rescued and released hundreds of turtles to date. Based in Corpus Christie, Texas, they’ve rescued Green Sea Turtles, Loggerheads, Hawksbills, Kemp’s Ridley, and Leatherbacks. The center also helps injured pelicans and gulls.




      The sea turtle was the inspiration for the logo, name, and interface of NaVetor cloud-based practice management software. Wanting it to be as beautiful to navigate as the sea turtle navigates the ocean, it’s a software program that’s centered around streamlining workflows.

      “We wanted NaVetor to be beautifully easy.” said Dan Holland, Patterson Veterinary Director of Technology. “We also wanted to be able to support veterinarians who are helping to save sea turtles. NaVetor is not just about creating the best veterinary software. We’re also dedicated to saving sea turtles.”

      On #WorldTurtleDay, it seems only natural.