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      Melissa A. Gourley, DVM

      The human animal bond is why Dr. Melissa Gourley became a veterinarian. The fulfillment of helping clients and pets is what motivates her every day. She has found that success thrives on good communication. She enjoys mentoring veterinary and high school students, and being a positive part of their journeys. 

      She has been a veterinarian for 27 years in a small town in southern Missouri, after graduating from University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996 and the Supervisor of Bacteriology Lab in the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab for three years prior to that. 

      Her husband is also a veterinarian, and because he was 3 years ahead in school, he jokes that he had to go through veterinary school twice! Together they owned their veterinary practice for 27 years, while raising 3 children that called the clinic their home, and building a registered red angus cattle farm. 

      They have been blessed with many pets that have lived well into their golden years.  

      Authored blogs

      November 14, 2023
      4 Components of Connecting with Clients About Senior Pet Pain Management
      Chronic pain in older pets does must be recognized and treated. The goal of treatment is not to grant immortality to our pets, but perhaps just a few more moments to share in the bliss of having our most trusted companions.