Continuing Education and Training

ACT Online Training and PVU offer CE with veterinary practices in mind

More than 150 course options offer learning opportunities for every person on your team

Our on-demand continuing education and training subscriptions help your team members grow their career while you grow your practice. When you pay an affordable annual price, you and your team will gain access to a select course library that’s curated by industry experts.
Subscriptions include 10 user seats with additional seat package options, plus an administrative account, analytics tracking and test results, CE credits, and options to take new courses as they become available.

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Three content packages available

Subscription-based learning delivers on-demand training from industry experts
Three course packages offer targeted learning through a low-cost subscription. Courses are presented by industry experts and available on demand so your team can learn at a time and place that’s convenient for them. Each subscription comes with 10 user seats, an administrative account, reporting and analytics tracking, and access to new courses when they become available.

Professional Development – Offers courses on customer service, front desk skill building, mental health support and team building.
Clinical – Course focus areas include laboratory skill building, clinical pathology, animal handling and veterinary sciences.
Management – Learning topics include business management, leadership, practice operations and legal issues.
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Options for deeper learning and knowledge-area certificates

Our add-ons and premium courses allow team members to expand their learning. Add-ons provide education in areas such as equine medicine and practice management software training. Premium courses allow learners to receive certificates to document their expertise. Either can be chosen after subscribing to your overall course package.

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Resources to help you develop a CE and training program

A strong education and training program can be the foundation of your practice’s success. We’ve got information to help you understand why continuing education is important and how to implement a program that works for your practice.

Create a culture of learning through knowledge sharing

Learn how to create a knowledge transfer system to avoid the loss of valuable employee knowledge.

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Invest wisely in your employees

Find out why employee training and development may be the wisest investment you can make.

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Find your purpose and move towards success

Becoming a purpose-driven organization doesn’t just happen. It takes introspection into your values, planning, and strategic action managed over time. Learn how you can take this journey and reap the rewards of both higher levels of patient care and a stronger overall practice.

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Increase efficiency through cross-training in your practice

Cross-training can help you manage on days when your practice’s schedule is packed, and the phone is ringing off the hook. Learn ways to cross-train effectively so staff members feel empowered to step in wherever they’re needed. 
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