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Continuing a Legacy: Johnson Animal Clinic
Goals of project:
  • Plenty of parking
  • An office for Dr. Bode so he no longer had to walk outside to return phone calls
  • Flexibility to grow
Creating a New Flow: Ivor Veterinary Clinic
Goals of project:
  • Take advantage of a land purchase for a new building that includes parking
  • Create a flow to the practice for clients and staff
Ten Thousand Square Feet of Busy: Flora Veterinary Clinic
Goals of project:
  • Create a ground-up practice that serves a large community
  • Space for treatment center, offices, consultation room and additional exam rooms
Fear-Free by Design: Harmony Animal Hospital
Goals of project:
  • Create the first 100% certified fear-free clinic in Alexandria, Virginia
  • Build a clinic that embodies the name “Harmony”
Modern, with Mountains: Arrowleaf Veterinary
Goals of project:
  • Create a new practice that felt like a business that has always been part of the neighborhood
  • Take advantage of the good bones left behind be a previous tenant, an added atmospheric aid – and budgetary bonus
Building an Alliance: Alliance Animal Clinic
Goals of project:
  • Honor their vision statement “to develop our practice, expand its facilities and improve the quality of work to provide a wide spectrum of veterinary service and products for all species"
  • Create space for additional exam rooms, treatment center, surgery prep area, parking for multiple trailers
  • Continue to support their community with a clinic built to last
All the Bells and Whistles: Burnt Store Animal Hospital
Goals of project:
  • Elevate the standard of veterinary care; keep all services in house
  • Create a hospital with all equipment needed for treatment, diagnostics and surgery
When You’ve Got a Zoo in Your Backyard: Langston Animal Hospital
Goals of project:
  • Build out shared spaces that support the workflow for all creatures
  • Create a ground-up practice that serves pets and zoo animals
  • Ensure the chihuahuas don’t get eaten by the gators
Sketching Success: Lubbock Small Animal Emergency Clinic
Goals of project:
  • Create a Texas-sized emergency care clinic to serve the Lubbock community
  • Select products based on durability
Same address, brand-new clinic: Kimbrell Veterinary Clinic
Goals of project:
  • Office for Kimbrell
  • Extra-large office for Wanda, his practice manager of 37 years
  • Separate exam room, X-ray room and surgery room
  • Carport so clients can drive in with large animal
Supercharged by a new building: West Rome Animal Clinic
Goals of project:
  • Parking area
  • State-of-the-art surgery suite
  • Luxury suites for dog boarding
From Four Wheels to Four Walls: Veterinary Surgery Service
Goals of project:
  • Professional appearance and welcoming atmosphere
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics and surgical procedures, including minimally invasive procedures
  • Operating rooms designed and built for maximum sterility and functionality.
Modern Minimalism: Goose Creek Veterinary Hospital
Goals of project:
  • Build an office for a one-doctor practice, with room to grow
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing, open and comfortable environment for clients
  • Include a dental suite
New build to fill a market niche: EMMAvet Urgent Care
Goals of project:
  • Transparency with clients, allowing them to see diagnostics and lab work as it’s being performed, through glass windows
  • Create a culture and environment that is staff-oriented to promote mental health, well-being and harmony in the workplace
All-in-One Facility: Valdosta Veterinary Associates
Goals of the project:
  • Answer the need for emergency care in the community
  • Create a clinic that could multi-task for wellness and preventive care
  • Ergonomic equipment for the humans
Super Squad on a Growth Trajectory: Animal Medical Center
Goals of project:
  • Create a second location to serve a different clientele
  • Expand both in terms of team and space
Remodeling a Future: Oceanview Veterinary Hospital
Goals of project:
  • Reconfigure two buildings to flow practice care and overnight care better
  • Fast track the project due to the unexpected death of Oceanview’s founding veterinarian
  • Have the outsides match the high-quality medicine being practiced on the inside
A Fresh Start in Citrus County: Heritage Oaks Veterinary Hospital
Goals of project:
  • A sun-lit treatment center for staff
  • Surgical suite with modern lighting
  • Select equipment that could accommodate a petite veterinarian
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