Safe and sound

The patented steel construction of HVM’s chamber maintains proper humidity levels and eliminates the possibility of rupture from fine cracks that can accumulate in acrylic chambers due to scratching from animals’ claws.
Scratch-resistant 450 psi crystal portholes provide ample viewing of the patient while limiting distractions, allowing them to remain calm during treatments.
With simple maintenance, the H1x hyperbaric chamber has an unlimited life cycle, unlike acrylic cylinders which should be replaced every 10-20 years.
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Diffuse 100% oxygen into the patient’s tissues and body fluids
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) increases the oxygenation of all organs, tissues, and body fluids.  It is the pressure of the chamber that enables the oxygen molecules to penetrate compromised tissues three to four times farther than normally diffused by red blood cells. 
Easy-seal door
The H1x Chamber’s steel door features one-step sealing action that can be operated single-handed and includes a door safety lock device.
Control panel
The new H1x control panel has been fully updated to include both analog and digital readouts, ensuring the most precise data of the chamber environment. New features include:
  • Oxygen/CO2 sensor
  • Temperature/humidity gauge
  • HD camera
  • Digital and analog displays
HVM’s enhanced safety system combined with its steel capsule construction categorically sets HMV chambers apart as the safest veterinary hyperbaric chambers in the world today. HVM has more veterinary hyperbaric experience than any other manufacturer, with over 100,000 successful veterinary HBOT treatments performed worldwide.
Other features:
  • Slide-out patient tray
  • Dimmable LED lights
  • Optional loading ramp
Power: Standard 120V
Line pressure: 60-70 psi
Size: Approx. 69" (104" open) x 36" x 72" (175-264 cm x 91 cm x 183 cm)
Weight: Approximately 1,650 lbs (749 kg)
Gas: 100% medical grade compressed or liquid oxygen
Average flow rate: 1-4 CFM at chamber
Max operating pressure: 30 psi
Operating temperature: Room temperature