Computed Tomography

See your patients from all angles with 3D Computed Tomography

CT isn’t just for humans anymore. Widely accepted as the gold standard of care, CT is used by veterinarians for everyday diagnoses such as middle and inner-ear, sinus and metastatic lung disease and performs full-mouth dental radiographs, which has the added benefit of catching nasal cancers and tumors before they become a major issue. 3D CT also excels at advanced diagnoses like medial compartment disease of the forelimb and intervertebral disk disease.

Cone beam CT scanners

NewTom CT scanners use cone beam technology to give you the fastest, most detailed diagnosis with 3D, 360-degree views. They fill the gaps left behind by traditional two-dimensional radiographs.

Multi-slice CT scanners

3D imaging that uses the same advanced technology used in top academic hospitals and mobile stroke units. Small and portable, the VetTom can easily be moved from exam room to surgical suite suite to storage area, taking up as little as 8 x 8 square feet.

Dr. Shane Whitaker

The NewTom 3D X-ray starts to generate income immediately, thanks to the installation, training for use and surgical procedures that are included with your NewTom purchase. It means your investment is up and running quickly.

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