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Ceramide-rich, pH balanced, antihistamine cream with VetriSpheres™ Skin Repair technology in a steroid-free formulation.
  • Contains diphenhydramine HCl 2%, ceramides and other skin repair ingredients, including CLA, lactic acid and vitamin E
  • Sustained-release
  • Softens and soothes the skin
  • Designed to restore the barrier function of the skin, thereby diminishing inflammation, transcutaneous water loss and pruritus
Recommended for:
  • Daily topical use in a multimodal approach to the treatment of atopic dermatitis in moderate to severe cases
  • Daily topical use for mild to moderate cases of atopic dermatitis where systemic therapy (tablets, capsules, injections, etc.) is not the prescriber’s first choice of treatment due to patient’s age or otherwise
  • Best value – offers a low cost alternative where the client is unwilling or unable to afford the higher priced treatment options
2 oz
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