Nikon Eclipse E200 Microscope



The first microscope in its class to feature CF160 infinity optics, plus an anti-mold design to ensure years of high quality use.
  • Ideal for basic laboratory use or educational purposes
  • Ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation: focus knob and stage handle are located equidistant from the operator, permitting one-handed operation in a natural posture
  • CF160 optics provide longer working distances and higher NAs and deliver startlingly clear images at any magnification
  • Siedentopf-type eyepiece is inclined at 30°, ensuring comfortable viewing; length can also be adjusted to suit operator’s build
  • Eyepieces feature a wider field of view and built-in diopter adjustment that allows operator to easily adjust diopters separately for the right and left eye
  • Unique refocusing stage eliminates need to refocus the image manually: can be instantly dropped by pushing it down to exchange specimens or oil the slide
  • Wide stage surface can accommodate 2 slides at the same time
  • Upper limit stopper prevents objective from hitting the specimen slide
  • Revolving nosepiece: reversed-type nosepiece creates more space at the front of the stage
  • Robust, vibration resistant construction: one-piece construction from arm to base
  • Anti-mold agents resist mold growth: anti-mold paint, plus anti-mold agent sealed at critical places inside the microscope
  • Removable lens unit cover: simply slide open the cover to make replacement safely and easily
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