The 3M™ Twist ’‘n Fill™ Cleaning Management System

3M XN28790


The 3M Twist ’n Fill system features a single, compact dispenser that is designed to accurately mix and dispense a wide range of cleaning chemicals. Pick and choose only the chemicals you need for your cleaning tasks. Mix and dispense them all through the same dispenser. The idea is simple: super-concentrated chemicals are automatically combined with water to create virtually all the cleaners you use every day.
  • Easy to use – just insert bottle, twist and fill!
  • Integral air gap prevents chemical backflow
  • Accurate dispensing technology is designed to ensure consistent, effective chemical performance
  • Flexible – mount on wall or, for portability, on cart or cleaning equipment
  • Automatic 3 gallon per minute dispense rate for bucket applications; 1 gallon per minute for trigger spray bottle applications
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