MB Spinal Brace



Designed to help support cases of cervical, thoracic and lumbar IVDD, vertebral fractures and instabilities. These back braces are commonly used in the human medical field and now they are available for veterinary use.
  • Durable neoprene harness encircles the patient at the desired location and is connected by two parallel adjustable metal rods that lay on the lateral aspects of the chest, abdomen or neck
  • Supports and restricts the range of motion of the patient in several planes giving the body a better chance of healing
  • Expandable metal connection rods can be placed in a neutral position strictly for support, or extended to apply minimal to moderate decompressive forces on the spine
  • High quality neoprene construct allows for patient comfort while not compromising strength and durability
  • Interchangeable and adjustable metal connection rods allow for use with a wide range of patients
  • Easy to apply and remove for physcial therapy, to allow patients to urinate, or for owners to use at home
  • Affordable alternative for owners to allow for long-term home spine management
  • A complete brace requires 2 neoprene harnesses and 2 metal connecting rods
  • Brace sizes are color coded based on the metal connecting rod used
  • Complete Start-up Kits are recommended as initial stocking purchase to allow for complete size availability
  • Replace individual components as needed
Several indications for use include:
  • Medical IVDD treatement (support and decompression)
  • Medical Spine instability treatment (i.e. Wobblers)
  • Medical Spine fracture treatment
  • Pre and post-surgical spine support
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