Vetexos Rapid Splint™ System



Vetexos Rapid Splints™ use an innovative technology previously only available in the orthopedic market. This thermoformable innovation eliminates water-activated applications. The removable open-cell foam padding replaces cast padding and can be washed and air dried, or replaced with Vetexos replacement padding. Vetexos Rapid Splints™ can be heated and trimmed to achieve the perfect fit. Splints come presized providing an off-the-shelf solution to veterinary splinting and casting. The speed and efficiency provided by this technology can save time and money over the leading casting materials.
  • Fast and efficient: Depending on size, splints are fully moldable in 3-5 minutes, and become hands-off rigid in 4 minutes
  • Clean and dry application: Formed with dry heat technologies, eliminating the mess and moisture associated with plaster and fiberglass
  • Lightweight: This helps enhance patient’s comfort
  • Open-cell foam padding: Eliminate the need for cast padding with the prepadded open-cell foam option
  • Easily cut with no sharp edges: Sharp edges are eliminated with our precut design. When heated, splints can be easily cut and shaped to create the perfect form and fit
  • Radiolucent: Eliminates the need to remove the support for X-ray imaging
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