Overview VETIGEL® Hemostatic Gel System immediately stops bleeding via mechanical action, without the need for applied pressure.

  • Allows the patient to rapidly produce their own stable endogenous fibrin patch at the wound site
  • Used on a variety of procedures, including but not limited to: dental extractions, oral mass removals, abdominal and thoracic mass removals, soft organ biopsies, enucleations, spays and neuters, amputations, venous and arterial bleeds, cholecystectomies, catheterization, lacerations, and ear and tail docking
  • Easily removed without disturbing the fibrin patch thanks to its flowable, nonporous nature
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Decreases the risks to your patients with pre-existing conditions
  • Faster patient turnaround time
  • Lower cost of hemostasis

VETIGEL Hemostatic Gel Accessories Kit

VETIGEL® Hemostatic Pouched Gel Syringes - 5 ml