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Marketing your practice. It can be easier!

You know how important it is to market your practice to find and retain clients. But marketing takes time and it can be confusing to know where to start. We can help. From helping you build your website and online reputation to using trusted data to market to clients you want to reach, we’ll partner with you to help you grow your practice the way you want, and keep your clients coming back with timely reminders.

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Your marketing solutions are just a click away.

A Patterson exclusive, ePet enables you to set up consistent and automatic client communications such as health service reminder emails, text messages and postcards, appointment reminder text messages and emails and post-appointment thank you emails. Plus, ePetHealth has more practice website and digital marketing options than ever before.

Market Hound, the first truly automated marketing for the lifetime of your patient, automatically pulls, compares and communicates data that matters to your clients. The information is tailored to specific breeds of dogs and cats, enriching client knowledge and understanding of their pet throughout their pet’s life. This ensures a steady flow of education to your clients and a steady stream of client activity for you.

Get your own practice-branded app. We build it for you! With Vet2Pet, our app is your app, branded for you and ready to send push notifications, appointment requests, healthcare reminders and more. Everyone is on their phones throughout the day now. Your own app makes it easy to communicate with clients wherever they are.

8 ways to attract more clients with personal marketing

Sick of spending time on marketing and not seeing anything in return? Try these eight personalized marketing ideas to deepen your client relationships and watch your patient list grow

Did you know surveys can improve your clients’ experience

Proactive surveys can increase client satisfaction as they’ll feel heard. Plus, you’ll gain invaluable insights to help improve your practice and client service. When you are aware of issues and can respond to client concerns, you can resolve issues and prevent dissatisfied clients from leaving. ePet offers an option to include Surveys Plus and Reputation Builder so you can improve your reputation and client experience.

Reputation Management

Whether you are new to marketing or experienced, this course can help you make the most of your marketing plans and help you build your practice’s brand.

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